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Contribution to the development of catalytic chemistry, surface science, and synchrotron radiation science


  1. Contribute the development of surface chemistry and catalytic chemistry by integrating a synchrotoron radiation X-ray spectroscopy/metallic complex chemistry with surface chemistry/catalytic chemistry
  2. Actualize a surface design for over 250 catalyst activity structures with using metallic complex and in situ surface analysis method
  3. Contributed to the development of catalyst chemistry/surface science with using synchrotoron radiation science while applying a synchrotoron radiation in situ XAFS (X-ray Absorption Fine Structure) method to catalyst action structure for the first time in the world, and successfully clarifying catalytic action mechanism at molecule level.
  4. Discovered a new phenomenon, new concept, and new structure of catalytic action on solid surface by using in situ XAFS and in situ surface analysis method.
  5. Provided a development design guideline of next generation fuel cell vehicle by temporospatial resolution XAFS and also clarified a reaction mechanism at molecule level.
  6. Development of fuel cell catalyst using new beamline BL36XU in SPring-8.[PDF(Japanese)]